MH-ET Live ESP32 keeps resetting

  • I spend a whole day already trying to understand and rectify this problem.
    I did download the new USB driver (was difficult to find) CH9102. Still no luck. I bought 10 of these units. I hope I can use them 1 day !!!
    Just trying a simple sample code of setting outputs high and low, nothing fancy.
    Downloading it on a ESP32 DEVKITV1 worked first time !!!

  • @Rudy said in MH-ET Live ESP32 keeps resetting:


    Hi Rudy,

    I downed the CH9102 (in a Chinese web). But my board still doesn't work..... It always shows that "a fatal error occured: failed to connect ESP 32: Time out waiting for packet header". I tried several times. And almose spend the whole day. May i know which board you select? And which web you downloaded the CH9102? Mang thanks if you could bring infomation to me.


  • @Peggy I downloaded from github. The driver seems to work, you may have to change the settings in windows 10 to allow the driver to be installed.

    Another 2 hrs later I still can't get these modules to work. Ahrrrrr

  • @Peggy Oh I think I know what your problem is: you have to press the 'boot' button for about 2s whilst the programmer is trying to establish communications with the ESP. After programming, you have to press the 'EN' button briefly

  • @Rudy Thank you very much Rudy. I downloaded it. Many thanks. Actually, my one still doesn't work. And i tried another one. The programming can be uploaded. Many thanks for your kindly help.


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