MH-CD42 DC 5V 2.1A Mobile Power Diy Board

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    Product Features:

    • Charging voltage: DC 4.5V-5.5V (recommended DC 5V)
    • Charging current : 0-2.1A
    • Charging quiescent current: 100uA
    • Full voltage: 4.2V+-1%.
    • Discharge current: 0-3.5A;
    • Discharge quiescent current: 50uA
    • Discharge efficiency: 96% maximum
    • Output voltage: 5V
    • Output current: 0-2.1A;
    • Ambient temperature: -20° to +85°
    • Module with lithium battery protection function (for lithium battery withoutprotection, with protection board)
    • Overcurrent protection (OCP)
    • Overvoltage protection (OVP)
    • Short circuit protection (SCP)
    • Over temperature protection (OTP)
    • Charge and discharge power level 4 interval indication
      Pin definition
      Use tutorial
    • When the module is charging, the output will switch the external power supply (it will be powered off for 0.3s). The charging output voltage will be less than >4.7/<5V, depending on the charger load capacity!
    • Trigger mode: low level trigger (ground)
    • Connect the user of the single-chip microcomputer, if the small load KEY can be connected to the single-chip 20S to give a low level, the module can continue to work.

    Indicator light



    • Car charging retrofit
    • Driving recorder power supply
    • Mobile power / charging treasure
    • Portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets

    The use of this electronic product requires a certain knowledge base. If you do not understand, please be careful to buy it. Otherwise, it may be damaged due to improper use or over-range use. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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