no com port in arduino ide

  • I installed the drivers and bootloader. When i plug in the at88 into the usb i get a steady green led and a flashing red led. There is no com port showing in the ide. Any ideas as to why.


  • There is no serial port on the at tiny88. Follow the instructions - click upload in Arduino IDE while the board is unplugged, and the downloader will request you to plug in the USB when ready. Instead of unplug-plug sequence, you can also just hit the RESET button on the device when requested to plug in the device.

    It's really a pitty that the USB device that takes care of programming the chip on the board does not provide a virtual serial port - even if we had to use a software serial emulation in tiny88, this would have made the board much more useful.

    But you can still use software serial library and use some digital pins and communicate with other devices over serial protocol, or with a computer if you have a separate USB-serial converter, which you can get for a very friendly price on-line, thus making it still a half-price solution as compared to Arduino.

  • @Pavel thanks that was really useful!

  • @Pavel I got serial communication working through the onboard USB interface:

  • @mqnc I downloaded your zip file and loaded into Arduino IDE. Created a new project with your example (LED Blinker). Could not upload into board. There is no comport detected in the IDE. Can you help?

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