Use espressif AT COMMAND for esp32

  • When i used the AT command first time,i found it easy to been plagued with some problems. So i make a simple guide,hope it is helpful for everyone.
    Guide is in Windows.For your reference only.
    All the things following are based on espressif`s ESP32 AT firmware.Download here:
    More details are in documentation:esp32_at_instruction_set_and_examples_en.pdf
    Esp32 download tools:

    First erase the flash:
    This way is necessary because it can avoid errors.
    Download a bin file:
    Here we can call this bin file as "erase-file".It can be used for erase the flash when being downloaded to esp32.
    Use esp-download-tool to deal with this "erase-file" as the fllowing guide picture.


    Start and done!

    Then Download ESP32 AT firmware:
    Use esp-download-tool to deal with the "ESP32 AT firmware" as the fllowing guide picture after erasing flash.Make sure the address and config is correct.
    Espressif`s download.config file show"--flash_mode dio --flash_freq 40m --flash_size detect //0x1000 bootloader/bootloader.bin //0xf000 phy_init_data.bin// 0x100000 esp-at.bin// 0x8000 partitions_at.bin".


    Start and done!

    Test AT-Command.
    ***notice:***When testing, serial port sending and receiving command with ESP32`s UART2 , not UART0 which used for downloading firmware, so obviously can't use the USB port on dev-board for the AT command, you should use an external serial port tool.Pin connections are as follows:


    Use sscom or minicom to see the imformation during test.After connecting,open com and RST the esp32, you can see "ready" after a while.


    and AT+RST




    Now,you can see you have been into AT-Command Mode.Detailed AT development process and commands are shown in PDF and the espressif`s website.Enjoy!

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