ATTiny88 board upload issue

  • Hello!
    I'm trying to upload code to the board listed in subj.
    Here is my log of Arduino IDE:
    Running Digispark Uploader...
    Plug in device now... (will timeout in 60 seconds)

    Please plug in the device ...
    Press CTRL+C to terminate the program.
    Device is found!
    connecting: 16% complete
    connecting: 22% complete
    connecting: 28% complete
    connecting: 33% complete
    Device has firmware version 2.2
    Device signature: 0x1e9311
    Available space for user applications: 6650 bytes
    Suggested sleep time between sending pages: 7ms
    Whole page count: 208 page size: 32
    Erase function sleep duration: 1456ms
    parsing: 50% complete
    Erasing the memory ...
    erasing: 55% complete
    erasing: 60% complete
    erasing: 65% complete
    Starting to upload ...
    writing: 70% complete
    writing: 75% complete
    writing: 80% complete
    Starting the user app ...
    running: 100% complete

    Micronucleus done. Thank you!

    Everything seems ok, but the LED does not blink with the frequency I set. It just blink as it was before I did anything.

    Please help!-)

  • Hi there. Did you ever get a resonse to this?. I have the same issue all seem to go ok, but the "blink" test just doesn't seem to work and the red light remains blinking at the same (erratic) rate.

  • No there is nothing-) I wrote to aliexpress seller. They offered to refund an order. They don't know how to deal with it. They just sell this equipment.

  • Did you use the pin 0? Notice that the built-in LED is on a different pin (0) than on usual Arduino Nano/Uno, where it is on pin 13.

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